Rosemary For Memory

The review or exam period approaches, the researchers suggested that the smell of Rosemary can strengthen memory. In a study, a room in the form of a Rosemary-flavored, essential oil from 5-7% students working memory test is getting better results. Northumbria University Mark Moss, is compatible with the test findings for adults, he said. However, the study stated that support traditional beliefs about the Rosemary and Rosemary is associated with memory for hundreds of years.

The ancient Greek students wore Rosemary wreaths exams and Shakespeare's play Hamlet in Ophelia says: "Rosemary, is to remember."

This week the British Psychological Association Annual Conference will be given in the work, to support the memory of Rosemary can help. Dr. Moss and Victoria Earle by testing, 40 students ages 10 and 11, Rosemary flavoured and non-flavoured rooms have an array of memory test. Students participated in the memory tests did not know the for smell-but Dr Moss, Rosemary 5-7% on average in percent exposed to an improvement, he said. Teachers by informing the students saw a raw deal likely to feel isolated, 1.7 times as high. This small-scale testing, suggesting a connection between Rosemary and memory adults followed earlier research done on. Dr. Moss, also affected children as well as adults are confirmed, he said. But he said the level of variability and effects in some people said no changes will be made. Sense of smell is very sensitive people, said he sent a message to the brain without reaction and response. There are memory-related brain neurotransmitter and Dr. Moss, their scents by would be affected. It's a drug interaction, describing it as this can affect the electrical activity in the brain or aroma of pharmacologically active compounds are absorbed when adults may be noted. Dr. Moss, "a large-scale educational environments aroma application trials" with the expansion of the work in the next step, he said.

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