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Üzmüşler boy, other children. "Your dad's a scavenger, you stink, too," they said. Developed a sense of conscience full pre-school children. From time to time so that they could be ruthless. After all, they're all kids. They broke my heart, you're going to fry. Children are good hearts, tend to recover much, immediately breaks. It's not like adults, nonprofit.
I spoke with the father. Very upset, don't worry your child. This is the first time a mountain man tears apart his eyes maybe. "It's not enough to be hurt, I said, I have a plan. Will you include? " He accepted gladly.

"Filthy country" I play the game the children one day. A derived game. We've taken what we found. In the meantime, "stink spray" we see children frequently without class. An unbearable smell class soon. Why is this happening? Teacher from the garbage, he replied. I said stop, look to the gate, someone will come, will save us from this mess, smell. Büyüleniyor. See if they can't end it. He's 6 ' 3. Imposing formidable çöpçümüz.

Starting immediately cleaning. Opening the Windows is in. When he loses the effect of bad odor permeates the air clean spray. Our teacher help does the jasmine-scented room spray at several FIS. The eye does not see us children already. But he packed into sweet floral scent.

Then we sit in the layout of the half moon in front of the garbage man. He's talking as we rehearse. "I'm a garbage," he says. "Are you asleep again in the morning, or I collect garbage in your neighborhood in the middle of the night. My friends, too. They also collect. Toplanmasa the garbage from the streets, the whole place smells like smell your class today. Ceo is hard guys. It's very hard work. "
Explains ADO. It's short, sharp. Im getting bigger guy.

I can't tell you how they're listening to. Keep your eyes from any allocation. Not with his son. Proud father and becomes fascinated him in every word. That look is given life, believe me.

Then we take pictures we all hero. We're lucky love applause, and çöpçümüzü. A father, a son. Two hearts has been treated. That's our job. Heart touching. Ladies, guys! The sweat of a child shouldn't be embarrassed his father's profession makes money. I'm beating, I can't be a teacher.
The next morning, he asks a couple of parents:

"I'm going to be when you grow up, since Our children's evening scavenger says. What do you teach these children, for God's sake? "

I answer with a smile:

"We're teaching to be human"

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