Making Your Notes While You Work To Help Parents Of Children

Tiger mother. Svengali. Helicopter Parenting: This parenting styles remind someone you know … or maybe yourself?

Most people with high academic expectations of the parents, the other parent has the children succeed than he believed.

A new survey by the Association of Psychology Ahmed Ameri, high academic performance of children, parental expectations, both positive and negative results. Lead author of the research Kou Murayama, "Although the academic performance of children parents request improvement, extreme parental request could be contaminated," he said.

Unreasonable expectations on their children at a very young age the parents if the child creates a pattern of failure and disappointment in his mind and that can cause a negative self image. This, if they don't take control of yourself, other negative beliefs about themselves will be the return becomes prophecy "school bad".

So, without being aware of your child's education how do you know if you sabotage? That's not performing well in school children of their parents (and how you can stop) are four common ways to damage:

1. Upgraded bar too much.

Each year, 10-year-old high school graduate, or 17-year-old's favorite Ivy League schools, 8 percent of all, there's a story about getting his acceptance letter. Although it is possible these things, it is realistic that expects each child? Obviously not.

Teach your kids to determine realistic growth targets, instead of following this unrealistic expectations in the classroom (or worse circumstances, outside the classroom) work together. Motivated students with parents contribute to the school's efforts to maximize (and will).

2. You are not clear about what you'd expect.

My experience with both adults and kids, when given the chance to see you live by people's expectations. B to together, they expected them to children are not aware of, how do they find how their success? This requires communication.

Talk with your kids about what they both now and in the future from the one you put a discussion (not a course), and I try really hard to make sure that you perform.

3. She wants to do the same thing your kids you think you should.

Many parents reflect on their children their own requests. Usually is one of two forms-what you want like you never exactly know in would you like to do or couldn't do.

You can be happy from your own efforts, your child can attend to something completely different. Or something you always, they are natural.

If you want to be a good role model, and if you like what you've done, kids are naturally curious. They do what they do naturally and let them explore. But if they don't want to follow your footsteps to explore tons of opportunities out there. On enforcing the dislikes towards something.

4. You let them define the success of notes.

Subjective requests are non-control over the student's expectations. In a perfect world, every kid has A straight average score and 4.0. So if your child does not pass A challenging teacher would think about? You know what I'm talking about-will show kids how to work "really" life teacher.

As parents, our children should not be our expectations never subjective. Beyond the control of foreign powers and efforts can be calculated with a degree of flexibility to your expectations must be measurable.

Mark Papadas

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