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According to a study, father of the first few months of life if you have interaction with babies themselves in faster learning. Abdul Rashid rmacılar, in the early stages of the development of babies is an active male role, when they come to the age of the presence of two cognitive tests found that they perform better. Imperial College London, King’s College London and Oxford University research team, showed the value of the participation of early father of the findings, he said. The signs are to be seen in three months at the latest, he said.

Study of the effect of a mother’s child the importance of cognitive development for “compelling support,” he said, but now father-infant interactions and had more attention on the relationship between the development of. Earlier studies of men, “a more stimulating, powerful” style, the child tends to encourage risk-taking and search trends, and that cognitive development can simplify said they had found.

For the purposes of the research, father, where a three-month-old baby in a bag oyuncaksız with three minutes playing with the boy and the boy reading a book during the session between the two still video. Videos, trained researchers assessed and independently by the father was made the interactions to the ratings. When you were two years old, babies ‘ cognitive development, recognize colors and shapes that contains tasks such as measured in tests. The researchers analyzed the data and 128 father-taking into account factors such as income and age-male babies are busy fighting in three months with degrees in how to test these children with CP has found a positive relationship between wherever he goes. The positive link between father and about higher test scores, according to the child’s gender was equally ineyi. However, father, father and more interactions to the baby taken from the depressive behavior exhibits the kids received lower scores in cognitive tests.

Infant Mental Health Journey as a result of the study published in the journal named was the conclusion: “probably father away baby, baby to communicate with your baby to reduce the social learning experience less verbal and non-verbal strategies they’re using. More withdrawn father, contains less stimulating the child’s cognitive skills can provide a social environment. Director of Research Professor. Paul Ramchandani, father-child relationship as positive after almost two years of cognitive development even before the prediction three months edebilecelini, so it’s probably a pretty meaningful results for the next development and that it had previously that, he said.

King’s College London Dr. Vaheshta Sethna, a two-year-old book is less sensitive during the session, calm and anxious father of interacting with the children’s attention, problem solving, language and social skills, including better cognitive development of said they had found. This references the read activity and education that can support the development of cognitive and learning in children demonstrated that submitted by Sethna; father of children in early childhood the importance of interacting more positively.

Research conducted by the University of Oxford, working, then, hugging to confident parenting father, from the age of puberty exhibits behavior problems before more likely to have children is low. This research, a man immediately after birth father shows the importance of attitude.

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