Single-Point Rubrics, 6 Reasons to Try

As educators, we know the power of a good evaluation table. Well-crafted rubrics, of our students makes it easier for us to communicate clear and meaningful, and students derecelendirmemizde our accountability and helps us to be consistent. These are important and meaningful education.

Generally, when we speak about rubrics, even fully know those terms, referring to a holistic or analytical rubriğe. A holistic rubrics, an assignment, a student interested in General can perform level and gives a general note for each level. For example, a holistic rubrics, can you describe a work using the following criteria: “this article is open, a creative thesis statement has a global and coherent argument. The article, 2-3 pages long, made the correct APA formatting, grammar, and observe the rules are “a comprehensive work sheet. After that, B, C etc. criteria for criteria may be listed.

An analytical rubrics, each of these global level has its own achievement scale to include more than one category will not tear further. Along with a description of the text therefore analytical thesis, argument, length, and grammar and formatting for each of the four criteria such as grade level.

Also has the advantages of both style and has served many a good class. However, for us and for our students exciting and is written in a third option that identifies the potential playing.

The only scoring rubrics in the classroom offers a different approach to systematic rating. Holistic and analytic rubrics, categorizes the aspects of the assignment; What kind of stuff you expect from students work uncovers. This is unlike the rubrics, grading text, only one score reviews a successful guide and includes explanations for working; an article in the heading above is holistic may resemble the description. In the following example, the success of the four categories rubri looks explained; how the teacher meets the criteria, or to explain how it can improve you can see in the area.

Single Point On Rubrics


Evaluation Criteria

Very Good Aspects

Thesis Description

Thesis statement is clear, creative and interesting answers and makes an argument.


The argument of the article, the following paragraphs by open, creative and constantly supported.


Article 2-3 pages long.

The grammar and Formatting

A grammar and formatting in the article are accurate, complete, the work of the APA, referring to the page.

A single scoring rubrics, student must meet standards to complete the assignment. However, achievements or explaining the categories open-ended deficiencies. This is a relatively new approach, provides an advantage for teachers and students. Our curriculum to apply new ideas is never easy. But the only point you caused a lot as a testing ground for a rubri …

The studies reflect both the strengths and weaknesses of a field.

In each category, teachers, studies a significant share among students with invites to. Some adjustments must be done at the same time they think about points also makes mention to the student.

Student does not put limits to the performance.

The only scoring rubrics, the good or bad will not attempt to cover all aspects that could result. Provides guidance to the student and the students ‘ creative and unique ways to approach to the project. Reduces the need for routing of the students teachers and encourages students to create their own ideas.

Have students sort themselves, compared to each other or to compete with each other.

Each student is unique and takes their work-specific feedback, but this is easily attainable.

It helps the student’s attention to the note.

This instead of your design, not descriptive rubri, emphasizes individualized feedback. As a teacher for a certain class instead of focusing on teaching, students focus on the experience of homework.

Finder creates more flexibility without compromise.

Students add a friendly description of notes. However, a student’s project, in line with the holistic or analytical provides space to calculate your hesaplayamayacağı rubri.

It is simple.

Single point of your other rubrics rubri style has less text. Students really read all the rubriği, given feedback replicas will reflect in an efficient manner.

The recurring themes on my list, grading mentality that includes placing our Centre you will notice our students. The only point the ideology, class classification you rubri, student work to streamline quantitative integration and the emergence of the student and teacher-oriented creativity and intellectual risk-taking attitude to change in line with why .

When we do, the only scoring quiestions ratings of each student to reflect on the work of its own when we should devote some time to the students, their learning to create space for the catch. Their educational experiences note was given more value from concrete. The only point you towards roles of teachers rubri structure allows to return: students to learn real and support.

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