Solution For Delaying. Forgive Yourself!

All you have to do there are many things that you prefer to do rather than what you will be when you delay things and. The results of all these delays for you, productivity, school is bad for your health, your notes. But still we continue to postpone things. So far, tomorrow … Michael Wohl and colleagues suggested a pretty amazing treatment-to forgive yourself. That’s right, when you forgive yourself for delay, go ahead, get over and you go to a delay the next time will be higher.

Wohl’s team, midterm exams of the freshman class at 134. Before the first test, students how he and how much delay the revision themselves him that they forgave. Then, in the middle of the second exam, this exam and students reported how positive or negative feelings. In the end, just before the second round of the interim students in preparation for exams how to postpone once again the report.

The most important finding, forgiving themselves for the first steps to defer students then search period between exams, their negative impact less and are less likely to defer to the second test before the tour. ESA, was not associated with the first exam to forgive yourself group performance, but predicted a better performance in the second set.

The researchers ‘ Forgiveness, without the burden of past action, pass through incompatible behavior of the individual, and let you focus on the upcoming review ‘, he said. Postponement, is a crime against yourself, and forgive yourself, have a negative effect associated with crime, eliminated by noticed students to work for a constructive way to get close to the next exam.

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