Teachers Why It Fails To Innovate

Carnegie Mellon University, students are learning how to best use their findings, although a leading institution for investigating the adoption has been largely unsuccessful. To find out why, anthropologist Lauren Herckis, Carnegie Mellon University scientists observed in more than a year. Dr. Herckis, academics teaching styles to understand why they fail when it comes to academic meetings and e-mail chains.

The result of the research is amazing. Teachers ' personal identity is a powerful way to stay connected to their approval as they need. In other words, teachers, students in front of you to try new things they're afraid to look stupid. Dr. Herckis, one of the biggest obstacle to innovation, has found that fear of teachers to student assessment.

Anthropologist, at the same time, constitute "good education" when it comes to ideas about what, many academics have found that really stubborn. Dr. Herckis, "our instincts when you tell us to do something and when you told us something else an article" is very difficult to change behavior, he said. B to, academic staff, others by adopting a tried-and-tested stuff developed on their own, rather more enthusiastic about making a change, I discovered that it has a chance. After this study, Carnegie Mellon University instructors, to experiment new teaching methods are available and students, during a period of hate "in the case of the endişelenmemeleri were encouraged to.

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