Cyber Bullying and Prevention Ways

Cyberbullying is defined as a type of electronic tyranny is highly damaging. Despite the media interest in the topic, it can be said that very little of what is known about. Bullying in General, target himself easily aren’t people deliberately carried out repeatedly by one or more individuals of aggression is defined as.

Olweus bullying and aggression is very important to determine the differences between the two factors. Aggression is a single action, repeated bullying and bully-victims, proportional to aggression forces relationship between was between, regular person == there is disproportionate force. Finally when this recognition included deliberate movements lack of transactions remains outside this definition of evil.  Due to the variety of method that is running work cyber bullying as it is difficult to make the definition and comparison. However most people Cyber bully; a group or individuals who can’t defend himself against the individual, easily, by repeatedly and consistently carried out attacks using electronic forms and are moving deliberately. Key components of this definition of the transaction; attack, intent, tekrarlılık and disproportionate power.

Cyberbullying, bullying made face to face when we look at the difference again between; made face to face of bullying, bullies by disturbing behavior again; If the cyberbullying is internet or any information communication technology is based on continuous through content sharing. Cyberbullying, bullying made face to face in terms of disproportionate force when we look at the difference between; a regular person == made face to face, the physical and psychological aspects of bullying, cyber is a regular person == bully usually hide in terms of power and identity, the way you use technology – your victim is strong. Bullying and regular person == group from the perspective of the impact of cyber bullying and bullying made face to face is the similarity between a regular person == when looking at the effect of sex between men and women in the bullying made face to face In contrast to much of what is seen when there is no difference.

Teens use the Internet frequently; communicate with friends, collect information for school assignments and uses to download music. A large number of recent research at the young computer and internet access. The majority of young people at the same time Fa cebook and profiles on social networking sites like MySpa. lawyers in 2006 an estimated 13 million children between the ages of 6-17 and adolescent is a victim of cyberbullying. The results of the data shows no significant number of young people had been harassed online. Research also predicted that young people exposed to the characteristics of cyberbullying. Parents and educators understand the characteristics of cyberbullying and precaution strategy development are critical. Usually cyberbullying; using the Internet or other communication channels sending harmful or cruel text or picture. Cyberbullying; personal web site, e-mail, social networking sites, chat rooms, forums, instant messaging has or can take place on mobile phones.

Cyberbullying Tools:

  • Personal web sites
  • E-mail
  • Social networking sites
  • Chat rooms
  • Forumlar
  • Instant messaging platforms
  • Mobile phones

In addition to all kinds of means of communication and the channel can be used as a tool of cyber bullying.

Cyberbullying Types:

  • Hararetlilik: angry and rude language, insults and online messaging fight
  • Abuse and Molestation: Cruel, obscene or threatening messages to send on an ongoing basis
  • Defamation: a person’s reputation and affect their friendship as gossip or rumor spread
  • To impersonate someone else: Someone takes over from there, disturbing account sharing in
  • Fraud: Someone chatting in instant messaging environment to trick as sensitive information and share it with others or use this information
  • One of the groups a way to exclude: exclude.

Cyber Bullies Characteristics:

  • Avenging angel: not as bullies Themselves as revenge. Usually, bullying or cyberbullying tries to avenge your friend thinks you stopped by.
  • Power Arzulayan: real life in General is not physically strong on the internet tries to control people through fear.
  • Leisure: in General, while they engaged in Group virtual bullying is seeking entertainment for bored.
  • Unintentional: they’re not here to hurt, just think what they are doing could lead the movement.

What Can Be Done To Prevent It?

  • In cold blood should be communicated to his transaction is incorrect, stop the Cyber tyrant matures.
  • Communications should be prevented.
  • The materials of the copy of the cyberbullying may be reported to their parents.
  • Access to the email address of the victim a friend list to reduce clean up.
  • Internet service provider, the web site or mobile phone company to complain.
  • To ensure that administrators and school guide help
  • If the cyberbullying is harmful and does not back down big lawyer and contact with the police.

As a result, hovers the entire world in a few seconds a share made in our era, cyberbullying awareness and awareness should be increased. The aims of cyberbullying and motivation you need more resources to conduct more effective measures should be taken against cyberbullying.

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