The Work Of Associate Professor Exams

Higher education Council by other higher education systems in the world developments and have forwarded to the Board of an Associate Professor candidates considering comments and recommendations related to the evaluation process of the current Professor and if necessary a new regulation It is thought that needs to be done.

In this context, the creation of evaluation and opinion by universities requested topics:

1 first phase implemented in the current system) Professor reference conditions to continue to be searched, however removing the requirement of oral exam Center;

in the first phase of the present system applied to Professor 2) eligibility requirements will be given by the Interuniversity Board in relation to that document and provides the owner the candidates raised to the assignment of a phase Üniversitelerimizce execution of an Associate Professor;

the minimum criteria specified by the Interuniversity Board 3) aiming to point to in order to put additional criteria or simply with these criteria;

4) Doçentliğin was a title of a professor or academic staff such as the issue of whether the title should be evaluated;

as an academic evaluation of the title 5) Doçentliğin; What kind of criteria are a protected title and should a search;

6 as with existing systems but also from outside the Academy) Professor of evaluation issues to continue to win, go to that title which body which criteria and by the appropriate (UAK/universities) going to happen;

7) apart from Professor process if you want to be considered for any other topic or suggestion.

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