Educational Math Game: Çarpanga

Çarpanga compatible Smartphone and smart Board math called game over 19000 downloads as of today. Especially social media comments from, the game is a very useful game for students.

The makers of the game which is a teacher in the MINISTRY of NATIONAL EDUCATION:

I was pleased to see how much we can’t tell us. Last year, 1. towards the end of the semester we published our game, our country is made of different schools and award-winning tournament not being able to see the news from here we want to share the happiness recipe. From the beginning of this year year effort to promote our game. Purely domestic is our game can be used in applications, especially classroom teachers to advantage. No matter which branch of the esteemed teachers free to use in your own schools of this game is to be the front foot and, if possible, at least all the teachers you know your friends to take a look at the following link addresses We ask you to share. Thank you for your attention and wish you a good education teaching period.

They had their views to our site in the form of.





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