Facebook’s Effects on Society

80% of young people across the globe more than enough time on the internet. This is the simple reason that most of today’s children and adolescents life entered at an early age of the Internet and the majority of the problems is the association with excessive use of the internet.

Excessive internet use, as well as the opportunity to meet a large part of our daily communication needs that we see in our lives of social networks such as Facebook is holding a large place. A lot of things in our lives of social networks easier, positive aspects, as well as the negative aspects when not in use, it may be too true.

Social Media Risks

  • Cyberbullying
  • Sexually-oriented shares
  • Facebook depression
  • Faulty social relationships
  • Reality is broken old age

The Effects Of Social Media Contributions

  • Literacy is the ability to
  • Arithmetic skills
  • Social skills
  • Mental skills such as problem solving, critical thinking and
  • Creative thinking skills
  • Good role models
  • Political and social awareness
  • Motivation

Virtual Communities

Structuring of virtual environment and a new public space. People on facebook, twitter, social media environments such as relate to each other, forming groups, fan sites, establishing a public space provides another size structure.  Today, these virtual communities to discuss the agenda of politics, society, has become a mediums. In addition, virtual community environments has given birth to a new sense of citizenship today.

Virtual community with a sense of citizenship has gained new dimensions. Now that social media provides interaction of the environments individuals indicate their views on social and political issues, comment on some sites like to write itself may constitute a virtual environment with groups, alliances be installed externally.

Social networks like Facebook that can be carried out, effective structuring of social relations. People with a sense of belonging through such activities themselves, created a virtual environment, virtual communities are working to locate in. Virtual communities, created new social areas within its own ethics and aesthetics.  Thanks to technological advances, people started to live in the virtual world of technology to the fictional life and fiction has been structurally worth thinking about with.

However, the need to focus on another issue, participating in virtual communities with just one click of their citizens, whether they are conscious of the fictional, moreover this is to query and the fictional sorgulamadıkları. More importantly, social media is a fictional, created the social hierarchy of symbol consumption in today’s society people specify the positioning of themselves and others by mounting issues of chance.

Facebook and Privacy

Most of the people, especially on social networks on Facebook privacy wasn’t really paying attention. This makes users on social networking sites will know how to keep information private, is a condition that is related to. According to a survey conducted by Trend Micro, 38% of online users to share just how you can restrict. This low figure is many users actually shares more information than can be planned.  According to the researchers, a lot of problems in the social network users do not pay attention to privacy policy.

Users are always on social networks are for privacy rights. These are usually the user be a member is reported before but most social network user to register now read even when I read the privacy flags an option contract. More information about privacy for having registered you must read the privacy policy of each social network, we, we install all the application which you want access to our attention.

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