Past And Present Search Engines… What is it? How?

Search engines (search engine), which lists almost all web sites in the world, we’re looking for information divided into categories the shortest route to reach us quickly and web sites. He promptly to queries submitted to a search engine on the internet must “see” the information in advance. In other words, a search engine but it seems to be “seen” and “before” pages we can offer you. You haven’t seen before, or even if you’ve seen if pages is not present to users.

In 1990 the first search engine is a college student by the name of the Field was founded by Archie Emtage. English was derived from the word “archive”. This search engine people was trying to find the files they are looking for. When he started to be popular at the University of Minnesota, Mark p. McCahill, “www. archie. com”un 1991 in front of Veronica (Very Easy Rodent-Oriented Net-wide Index to Computerized Archives). Before long, the same purpose Jughead (Jonzy’s Universal Gopher Hierarchy Excavation And Display). They both worked within the framework of the file transfer protocol. From the Massachusetts Institute of technology, June 1993, Matthew Gray, is used to create an index name and “Wandex” named after the first internet has produced your boat. Established in November 1993 and after non-internet boat Aliweb search engine, web sites created using the first search engine.  On December 1994 in order to find web pages in its index and query program designed interface and a web form that can be used as a JumpStation search engine was created. The first “full text” (full text) in which the browser is a search engine WebCrawler, 1994 were showcased. Unlike the previous search engines; every word of any web page, allowing any user to search. Also in 1994, Dr. Michael Loren Mauldin of Carnegie Mellon University produced and released by Lycos, was a major commercial endeavor. After a short period of time; Magellan, Excite, Infoseek, Inktomi revolutionized, Northern Light, and Altavista, including search engine in the internet competed with each other for output and popularity showcased. A Bola is contained within them, David Filo and Jerry Yang founded Yahoo!, people other than the most popular way to find web pages, pulling is used as the search engines. Until the end of the search engines in the early 1990s made an investment on a large scale. But since that year, large companies are emerging in this new search engine started earning. 1998, Quran in Google Larry Page and Sergey Brin, when they wanted to sell their PageRank technology but the receiver. Puanlayan each page Internet network this system; given how many links and link to that page, which gives a sense of place and to that page, how plentiful the score so many points was based on the logic of giving. Google’s owners agreed to this technology satamayınca growth and 35 million dollars investment loan in 1999, when you get Google Search. in the 2000s after the Google search engine that stand out as soon as possible in the year 2000 to develop Google toolbar team who, in the year 2004 with the name of Google Book Search Search thousands of books in the libraries and 1 GB capacity with Google Mail so Gmail launched the service. As of the end of 2007, Google, the most popular web search engine was known around the world as well.

Consists of 3 main parts search engines:

  • Spider-Man: the first one is “spider, bot, ant with names such as” programs. These programs identify databases around the Internet pages.
  • Database: Spider by copy of each page visited is stored here. Changes that you make to your page will not be freed until the search engines spider again. The search is done, the page should be evaluated, according to the final State in the database. So users with different content, or dead links to karşılaşabilmektedir. Google .com ‘, “read the cache” command by registered users of the page you can see the result in the database of Google.
  • Sorting mechanism: the third part sorting mechanism. If the user does not see his search, optimally ordering pages. Each search engine works differently in these parts. Many also have your page frame, image map can be a problem to use. Some of them, does not tag around the bottom of the database.

Each with its own method of enhancing the visitors get the best results. If it’s important to search engines, your site, your code must make compatible, to the search engines and to get top placement, you need to optimize.

Spiders (Spider) Principle Of Operation

  • These spiders go to internet sites and information that they receive to their memory here.
  • Look into sites meta tags visit the other links on the page.
  • Spider makes a central data store.
  • The spiders return to sites visited on a regular basis and changes.
  • A link from another web page to a web page, if they can’t find this page spiders.
  • Search criteria if it conflicts with the content of the page.

Robot websites found on the internet, gave each other sites using the links automatically, and stores the contents of this page. This content is then made searchable indexed quickly. The user interface is created by this index allows you to search for.

Some Search Engine site owners, site is available to them by making registration papers. This process is easier if the sites are search engines to find and index. In addition to millions on the İnternet Web page to make it easier to find a wanted information in too fast and too high-capacity server however the texts on Web pages with services (Web sites). They search directory (directory), search engine (search engine) or can be of different types, such as metasearch. Enumerates the search index information into categories, featured information, lookup is done in the summary information sent by site owners. Search engine, search word are provided for each type of site contain user brings in front. Metasearch Searches multiple search engines is the name given to the site.

These search pages, Search (Search) button in the row to find the requested information will be used to key words and Search (search) button by entering the catalogue; the occurrence of these words appears in a list of Web site addresses. However, these search engines in front of the user, these words can bring thousands of pages about the occurrence of or irrelevant.

In search-engine technology, nowadays in addition to General-purpose search engines focused on a particular area of search engine samples türemektedir. Concentrated in any particular field is called search technology vertical search.

Advantages of search engines

  • Complex and abstract with keywords search is very convenient.
  • Search engine user control over.
  • Calls, certain time range can be limited with certain information, certain areas, source.

Disadvantages of search engines

  • They can lead to a loss of time.
  • Each search engine has its own specific techniques.
  • Inoperative and irrelevant links.
  • The presence of different results from different search engines.

The limitations of search engines

  • No search engine WEB of more than 40% do not have an index.
  • Information may not be always up to date.
  • Search engines with lean meaning of the word.
  • Non-specific list of a large number of results for searches.

How to search?

  • Select the keywords that best describes the subject.
  • If a word should be enclosed in double quotation marks.
  • Search should be done with the words little and specific.
  • In English as ‘ the ‘, ‘ a ‘, for instance, words like ‘ and ‘ should not be used.
  • Plural words should not be used.
  • Search in lowercase.

What are the search parameters?

Search parameters, search engine, even though from time to time according to their variability is valid on all search engines, there are a few parameters. Here are a few of them:

+ mea
ns “and”. Instead of a web page web search line + page author, search engine no longer will list other documents only in us web page. Of these documents in the word, the Word may be the web leading or trailing Middle page. It will be our job a little easier. But still we’ve been looking for documents that might not be. Then;

“we should use” parameter. So the “web page” when we want to, in which only web and page will be listed last side-by-side documents.

-parameter search engine’s search “web page”-to call at any time by typing tutorial, search engine, in a side-by-side, but the word on the web and does not contain education main page all will list the documents.

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