High School Transition To New System

Minister Yilmaz announced today instead of easier, more understandable with TEOG and will keep our children away from exam stress and was brought to a training area, said that, in the event the placement system. Under the new system companies targeting qualified schools Center will take the exam. The other students will choose one of five schools near their homes. Which will be held in the first week of June exam, 90 minutes in one session in two parts, 60 questions. Sample questions will be published and questions 6, 7 and 8. class will be in the curriculum. The transition to high school without examination of essential purpose under the new system it is requested to be provided;

  • Students will be placed in the address of the nearest school.
  • Refer students to the 5 schools. The student will make the choice.
  • Holding the same class of different academic levels students, increasing the overall success to target.
  • All high school science, social sciences, and will be aimed at the removal of the setting of the project schools.
  • Qualified to do the exam schools will be announced in May.
  • It will be optional to take the exam.
  • Foreign educational institutions with their exams if they want if they want to log to the consequences of the Ministry Center.

Future-oriented as it is seen as the most appropriate system for stress, you have to take the exam in existing TEOG, exam mecburiyetinin ceased to exist, the parents will be sent to students in any school outside of the profile. However in February to 20 thousand teachers assignment for the ad, is the keystone of the training of the teacher, the realization that reforms made in conjunction with the nature of the teachers.



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