How Innovation Spreads?

Having trouble figuring out how the diffusion of innovation theory, aims to explain the innovations of communities agreed. Here is the innovation of intent; any opinion, behavior or defined as a new object. Span of innovations theory offers three valuable ideas about the process of social change:

  1. Having trouble figuring out what to qualifications is
  2. The importance of one-to-one talks and peer networking
  3. Understanding the needs of the different user segments

These ideas more than 6,000 research study, and has been tested in the field, so in the social sciences are the most reliable. Why are some innovation spreads faster than others and why some fail? Spread to be interested in determining the success of a new academics in respect to the five qualities:

Relative advantages

To be economically advantageous, is suitable for social prestige, and provide satisfaction

Compatibility with existing values and practices

Recency will adopt individuals; values, past experiences and needs perceived innovation compatibility with degrees of freedom. Values, norms, or as an idea that does not comply with innovation applications quickly will not be adopted.

Simplicity and ease of use

Driving the pace of innovation in terms of use and intelligibility is the perceived difficulty. Innovations as they become clearer, faster proper skills and insights this innovation obligatory filing is a faster way to regard our.


Driving can be a limited degree of experience.  It’s a shot to an individual who thinks him a novelty carries less risk.

Observable results

To see the results of innovation for individuals, increases the likelihood of individuals to accept innovation. Visible results reduces the uncertainty and, at the same time as your friends and neighbors with a new idea that frequent information encourages discussion.

Everett Rogers, according to these five characters; innovation in rate with 87 49 variations accepted. These five fundamental focus group discussions and project reviews offers a valuable checklist for frame. These qualities are taken while you are developing your product or behavioral weaknesses can also help in determining.

Reinvent, is a fundamental principle of the spread of innovations. The success of an innovation, it avoids risk and challenging individuals in society to meet the needs of the unfolded. Users of common continuous improvement process is a good way to achieve this to. Computer game companies, pharmaceutical companies, research institutes; supporting user communities to implement participatory action research to improve the innovations or techniques with the users of active partners are examples of agencies.

The second important idea, advertising and media stories as well as non-personal information about your marketing methods are innovations can spread during the negotiations of the pedestrian can, however, is the idea. The adoption of a new product or behavior risk and uncertainty management is not generally require only personally knew looking at the people we trust and innovation.

The third important idea, speaks to the needs of different user segments. Spread researchers, to adopt a specific innovation tendency of any collection of 5 different areas according to:

  • Innovators

Driving the adoption process a small group of visionary and creative innovators. This group is in the process of the development of new ideas and devices usually generously spend their time and energy, they use their creativity and innovation takes great pleasure in talking about. Vital that we place reformers and becomes the first followers and ideas must be supplied, the promotion of the idea of the project is to support the design of the partners should be invited to become innovators.

  • Early Adopters

Benefits of new adopters after the start to be evident, has been described as early adopters. Early adopters; a strategic leap forward in their lives or work purposes, wise quickly navigate between personal needs with innovations that link. They love to get an advantage over their peers and they have time and money to invest in innovation. Devote the limited number of early to try a new idea strongly embraced the face to face support must also be provided, by working on the idea to experiment more convenient, low-cost and must be supplied to be marketable, early adopters rewarded, must be brought to the fore and innovation to be trained as emitters.

  • Early Majority

Assuming a gap jumped at the end of the Reformation, the majority can be reached to the masses. Early majority are comfortable with the pragmatic middle that progressive ideas but overwhelming evidence about the benefits of innovation are not adopting innovation without. Early adoption of the new majority can be given for promotions or competitions can be organized. You may be given a low price performance guarantee, ease and simplicity can be redesigned to enhance innovation. Customer Service service and support should be provided.

  • Late Majority

This group of people that hate to risk taking and innovation in general the idea that we can define as the conservative pragmatist uncomfortable. Practically not performed them of their most basic fears is the fear of the new, so they settled on the mainstream fashion and prefer to comply with the standards. The benefits of the product for the late majority embrace innovation instead of talking to social norms should focus on. Reduce the cost of innovation, however, should be increased and risks behind the ease in which should be emphasized.

  • Laggards

Late, to the end of the new span of process outside the group. Because they’re adapting to a specific product or behavior as a major risk. Some even throughout the night without sleep, you will develop an argument against them is so worried. But their chances right should not be overlooked. Tardy; innovation when, where and how they’re going to do should be a high level of control and about new product or behavior with the familiarity should be increased.

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