Internet Addiction and Solutions

Dependency of people with an item makes an unhealthy relationship or behaviour. People cannot live without are addicted. You never know what to do without him, words, feels helpless and powerless. Is item or addicted behavior makes life Center and everything else to him. After a certain period of time gets captured and the addiction of people completely into a slave.

  • Enter the Internet every day?
  • Planning the Internet more often and for a longer period are you staying?
  • The term of your use of the Internet is growing every day?
  • When staying at a computer late, even when you sleep at your computer time?
  • On the Internet in more responsibilities to spend time (work or school) the minute you?
  • When you’re not online restlessness, anxiety or sleep disorders?
  • When you use the Internet purge?
  • Like to use the Internet less hear requests, but does not make it?
  • For your business on the Internet, looking for new occupations?
  • We’re running out of your interest to deal out of the Internet?
  • Due to the time spent on the Internet social communications, in particular, the decline in the number of your friends seeing face to face?
  • Interested in different activities related to the Internet (book, browser, to install programs, etc.) spends a lot of time and money?

If you answer Yes to most of these questions, if the use of the internet, it’s time to pay more attention to your! So what are the symptoms of internet addiction?

  • Even though he knew it was wrong in squad car
  • Gradually increase the time spent
  • Neglecting family and friends
  • Emptiness, depression, no unrest at the computer or irritability
  • They don’t lie about
  • Well-being at the computer
  • Lose

Internet addiction is present the main reasons to be a big issue in academic, social and working life is due to his negative effects. Internet addiction is broken because of people’s sleep patterns, influenced, academic success is declining, negative family life and they observed decline in success in working life.

At the beginning of the internet late at night time as you spend more time on the Internet someone who cannot sleep at the beginning of the internet sabahlayabilir, this insomnia job performance, academic success or family life may reflect negatively. After all, no one at the beginning of the internet all the time to spend idly never want a spouse who deal with it, or no one at work by playing online Rummy games instead of working overtime to my core employees.

However, internet addiction has been considered normal in some environments the indicators are also seen. A lot of people in the same environment physically there despite the presence online with their Smartphone’s sharing what they do, the way they look at or through the internet to the shares held and played the game. The following features in the Internet it is possible to see dependent.

  • Head of internet activities to be continuously busy with
  • To satisfy increasingly use the internet to feel the need
  • Stopping the use of the Internet and control that fails to be
  • When using the Internet, restless, Moody, depressed, or irritable feeling
  • Originally to be more exacting than online
  • Due to the use of the Internet is an important relationship, job, educational or career opportunity on venture
  • To hide the scope of the integration with the Internet to family members, therapist, or others to lie
  • Escape of the problems or the Internet as a way to relax the mood see

Today, the reduction of the feelings of belonging, and the increasing individualization of social relationships as a result of the difficulty of alienated individuals need for socialization can resolve most easily via the internet, through virtual chat rooms can establish friendships, online games both through time and can act together with new people. Thus internet addiction becomes widespread.

We don’t ever allow you to easily connect with people, access at any moment, we provide all kinds of information instantly possiblity, a free way to express feelings and thoughts until we make, easy-to-access forbidden to play, the opportunity to take risks and other interesting things for Internet users recognize and descendants of some of the factors that make it attractive. We think as a world that contains information the Internet unlimited, an activity which we didn’t even have the navigation on the internet when possibility is enough to tell the direction the Internet attractive.

For these reasons, how big the Internet is built into the internet primarily to children a world have we provide is about awareness. Because the sizes of the kid on the Internet about the importance of security on the Internet will be easier to tell. B, as well as children; What kind of information on the Internet will not share and share, what they enter what type of sites are informed, especially when it comes to social networks, programs should be developed.

However, excluding the children use the internet daily, in online games should be provided and children spend as little as possible the right to obtain information and must use the Internet mainly for the purposes of the course. The parents of children using the Internet should follow the child, when the child enters into which sites on the Internet and via the internet who should be informed about and contacted with child internet alone with the world without boundaries should not be confronted.

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