Learner Based Meaningful Learning and Internet

More important than knowing a lot of things today, the most accurate information we can use as soon as possible is to know how we’re going to get. Therefore, we teach our students to provide information rather than learning ready. Student-centered it on the basis of meaningful learning is thought to be sleeping. Instead of giving a fish, teach to fish can be associated with this sample. Van Harmalen (2006); student-centered learning students belirleyebilmeli their learning objectives, manage threads and process to learn, learning is supposed to connect with others related to the process and to the goal of learning by doing so should be able to. In order to make sense of learning to learn, according to Ausubel information preliminary information be associated with, I think that as a whole the subject content gains should be handled in a specific order, this is the internal consistency of the whole, the deductive learning must be based on the approach.

Learning, considering teaching processes, each student is a unique learning process. Therefore the best learning environment for individualized meaningful learning can be provided over the internet. Web-based learning students considering their personal development, the learning process there are different mechanisms that can be used to personalize. Learning on the Internet, in a way completely independent of time and space. In terms of the individual-specific learning learning over the internet, forming the primarily differences in students ‘ learning prior knowledge, preferences, affective and cognitive properties, such as student properties must be specified. According to different students interface, navigation, content, learning activities, assessment and submission of feedback options, manage their learning process to learn effective in terms of.

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