Robochallenge Europe Winner

National Robot contest held in Afyonkarahisar “KD Robotic” the robot with the Potency of Salihli in Manisa Turkey winner Kudret Demir Middle School Robotics and Space Technology Club, this time held in Romania international Robochallenge tournament “Mini Sumo Kit” category as European champion, scored a major success.

Organized in Romania, with the participation of students from various countries of the world and Turkey as the only public school from Europe’s largest robot competition participants in Salihli Robochallenge Potency Iron middle school Robot carrying the property and Space technologies Club “Mini Sumo Kit” category is the European champion, finally we could invade Iraq Turkey’s flag. Melzy Arikanli, silver and Kamuran Aircraft consisting of Robot and space technologies from the Club’s success and school students, as well as on great joy while Salihli and Manisa was the pride, too.

Speaking on behalf of the team, obtained in Europe looking for Muguruma this success Robotics Instructor Escobar Garnsey, school M üdürü Alechenu and their families said the big contribution. After the Championship from Afyonkarahisar Romania live in happiness, “indicating that Turkey software Arikanli may be back, but we have very smart students. A full support because one does to them cannot be made thereafter. Our goal is to reduce dependence. Developing the software and add about Turkey, software, we want to save our country from dependence, “he said.

“We in Europe flag dalgalandırdık”

VP and school Robotics Instructor Escobar Garnsey, “information disclosure increased exponentially, technology is advancing rapidly, the need for our country in this area today to make a contribution to our students we hope we STEM open and Maker Atölyesindeki with our work we have achieved first place in Afyon, Turkey. Then we joined an international competition in Romania. One State participating in here okuluyduk. Participating in the competition between countries, United Kingdom, France, Romania, Mexico, Poland, Bulgaria and Portarika as well as students coming from all over the world. Our students with students from these countries competed. Our aim is essentially our own students with students in the world racing tırabilmekti. I think that we’ve achieved as a school, “he said. Mini Sumo Kit category winner, 3 participations and 4 participations which emphasized that Gater, “highly contested competition, Turkish flag, first place we’re very happy to move the bench to which it belongs. Want to call our parents from here public. Shining stars of their ores here, we want to explore. We are dependent on national maximum temennimizde out software to minimize and we want contributing to this goal, “he said.

“Work hard, we have achieved this success”

No success is not coincidental that expresses the Principal Alechenu is work hard and together with the teachers and students, with the European Championship that this success also expressed that they compensated. Kudret Das secondary school in Robot and space technologies, future international competitions, as indicating that they aimed to Ale “our goal is to educate future software engineers. We took this step as this area public school, God willing, we hope the example to other schools, “he said.

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