Social Media Security. What To Do?

Instagram pics on Facebook, and social networking sites like twitter are widely used among children. Sites of this type remain in touch with friends and children, video, photo, music-sharing on children in terms of providing highly engaging. This type of social networking sites to recognize this way children facilities and provide their children with a fun time; social networking sites, cyber-bullying, sexual harassment and misuse of personal information, it should be noted that the potential risks such as move.

As a parent, carer or teacher, it is extremely important to know the social network services. Although most sites 13-14 age limitation, some sites especially for younger kids. These type of sites to support our child and understand its safe and constructively in order to use the Internet. Social networking sites, users can share their own pictures, text and video; interactive gaming sites like YouTube, blogger and web 2.0 technology into our lives with their sites. Young people can easily express themselves in terms of social networking sites have a platform specifically used extensively by teens.

Today, increasingly young people and children can access various social networking applications from devices and no sharing in social networks without supervision. For this reason, some of the things that are special for kids very quickly can be public and private and public life of the child be blurring of the line between. This is for the child in terms of content and communication carries potential risks.

Teens usually is hidden social networks because they move their content that they are communicating with whom shares or may not that much attention. However, due to the nature of social networks is public domain and is a certain degree of privacy, someone else can share with others a thing can see potential risk must be known by young people who use social networks and According to the measures should be taken.

Parents are supposed to do on social networks are as follows:

  • You must be positive; social networking sites and the children think positively about this topic when balance-protected training
  • Should inform the child about privacy and social networks just to remain in touch with the people who know from real life must be supplied
  • Kids to want to share photos on their profile, which would be appropriate to share the photo informed
  • What to do when kids share the rules about how sharing should be put in and informed about the
  • Seen any illegal activity in social networking environments or harassment should report this to the police, when

The children should be doing social network are as follows:

  • Share personal information gets found, you should take care to security
  • He is known as the “person may be dangerous to talk with online-only only be discussed with the family’s permission
  • Unrecognized by those who can carry messages from risk should be accepted
  • Any information obtained from the Internet may not be accurate or social network they can lie about who they are, people in the environment; Therefore you should not trust everything that is shared on the Internet
  • Social network environment in case of any disturbing to parents to be notified

Social networking sites are designed specifically for children and teenagers to carry large risks, although nowadays are our children and our young people social networking environment, it is impossible to completely abstract. Therefore we must have knowledge on these issues and we must inform our kids in these matters. Thus, when used as a conscious social networks, social networks will descend to the lowest level of risk.

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