STEM Laboratory and Material Request

The Province Of Kayseri, Mehmet Akif Ersoy Kocasinan District Secondary School Science I’m His Teacher. Off duty, 20. year on the flag of the State of a working teacher, depending on the country, the sons of the homeland tried as much as we can to cultivate. The spacious and comfortable environment for the students to work to convert from the cafeteria, paint, plaster, Cabinet repairs, working cabinets, a work stand with their own facilities and summer holiday using my CLIENT and I started tutoring lab students with science and engineering application of the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) applications in order to produce wood workshop in course material and they think about projects We need to perform the same materials would you like to help us in obtaining I want to ask. (Sa as in we need laboratory supplies that we use in.). As part of the age both Turkish and Islamic scholars and thinkers have done studies and 21. the required innovations in technology of the century as a teacher, on behalf of my students from you guys for my kids kazandırabilmem I request your help.

The school, the children of divorced families is, immigration is a lot of family that, financially needy families is really very disadvantaged children where there is the oldest district of Kayseri, Green Neighborhood .

If you want to touch the heart of our students to connect with us and we want to help?

Laboratory construction phases for the 8.5-minute video. Please can you watch?

Kayseri Mehmet Akif Ersoy Middle School Science Teacher
E – Mail:
Phone: 0532 691 9203

(*) We need materials in August the year that I want to share with you a list.
(*) We need the list in August with prices of products and links to internet sites.
(*) You guys definitely not about the money, we meet with vesile helpful about supplying materials we ask you to be.
(*) School telephone, fax number and school address is as follows.

School Phone: 0352 338 85 28
School Fax number: 0352 339 18 86
School Address: Green Mah. Raisin Gate. No: 2 Kocasinan/KAYSERİ

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