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Since its inception in 2006, Twitter is a service that appeals to a mass phenomenon. When we came in 2013 is more than 200 million active users of Twitter and their 400 million-a-day tweet miscredited. Twitter currently does not support different collations of 33 languages and completely evrenselleşmiş.

The basic idea of users of maximum 140-character messages to send to his followers and to follow others ‘ updates through twitter, which is based on the globe, people can follow the developments. In addition, the “#” sign can be generated for common agenda by using important keywords. World Cup, NBA Finals, the death of Michael Jackson, Obama’s presidential elections also in daily life, such as forming a very important agenda all over the world, talked about topics on twitter in real time by users, such as last-minute developments they can be followed through the share held.

Twitter’s not just norms of the dominant and is used by the company, was created in conjunction with users and third party developers. Users use and activities, creating new forms of communication and participatory culture have shaped the Twitter. This feature of Twitter, Twitter users daily activities and publicity, privacy, intimacy and friendship perceptions; Re-configure their experiences and platform is extremely important to investigate in terms of.

Today, when we look at in terms of community life, provide social communication, Twitter’s in an important and affects our lives.  Widespread use of and it’s like looking at instead of in our lives for many years, although an existing social network Twitter’s been our life just 11 years ago.

Twitter’s most influenced by the agenda, politics, Entertainment, food and drink, Tourism, technology, education and research. Fake account, Trollük, Twitter phenomenon, the Trend Topic, TT, Hashtag #, Retweet, Fav, Mention @, DM is concepts like Twitter we added our daily lives. In addition to the Twitter add to our lives new concept idea because it allows the sharing of returns to the agenda of the country used to be the place of the coffee house starts to take on Twitter. Interested in famous people, politicians, bureaucrats and what we want to convey in this way provide in terms of Twitter’s social life has always been filled in a gap in the existing.

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