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Since its first Twitter other social networks, such as affecting the media and journalism at the same time, media and habercilikten are affected, too. Twitter or any social network gets the location of the discussion rather than existing traditional media; Positively affects Twitter how traditional media or should we be looking for the answer to the question of support.

  • Traditional media as a military discipline, is done in a certain period and decides the only person. Every time someone on Twitter by shared something somewhere.
  • The traditional one-way media. Farmers of a certain clan release reaches everyone. Twitter is interactive, content, produces, or trailing people studying this aspect of twitter is more democratic and özgürlükç.
  • Another difference is the shape and features of the publication. Traditional media exposés and long long while tv programs rampant on Twitter, 140 characters limit yourself with expression.

Today’s traditional media reports, looking at in terms of Twitter; in the tv series, news, discussion programs, in addition to almost every program for the purpose of interacting with social media on the subject hashtag are created and that’s under the hashtag reading articles, share .

Looking at traditional media, tv, newspaper within Twitter, and so on. located in the mainstream media and broadcast via Twitter share instant improvements to do. But the resulting publications or sharing a sense of traditional publication is all about sharing links outside the çıkamamaktadır.

Breaking news on TV many years ago, when it was to see a very important development; Today, Twitter etc. Thanks to social networks directly from the primary source to the news feeds and Twitter instantly every time we look at breaking news as follow. As a result, Twitter’s biggest contribution to Instant Messenger and media news is the possibility to share.

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