Solve your problems resolved immediately with the problem based learning

We deal with different problems in our daily lives. These problems are usually prevents us from performing our goals or delays. Problem based learning exceed these obstacles we encountered, and solutions to problems in less time helping us hub. Problem based learning approach, problems, thinking, skills development, strategies can be resolved through the discovery and application.

So how do we teach problem based learning approach? First of all the background we need to answer your questions:

  • My students need to learn which content and skills?
  • Evidence of pupils ‘ achievements and serve what would it be?
  • Which will develop the gains they contexts?
  • What does that have to do with my students?
  • Everyone in my people, to teach the relevant issues with the content?
  • I want my kids to solve what’s wrong?
  • My students which product they create?

In response to these questions after giving students exactly relevant to their areas of interest and we have to find age-appropriate problem. First class students through observation that they can define a problem, solve and solution proposal we may require the delineation pictures. Environmental pollution around the eighth grade students to define and develop the solution proposal and the solution to this problem, we can expect them to create a web site for.

The students need to be flexible while waiting for their product development, of course. Prepare a book, web site, or you can direct your students like the policy summary having a product is a good thing. If you want your students to create a web site, web sites as resources in the previous lesson, you can introduce. But the product never learning goal. What’s important is resolving the issue, and understanding of the content. Product is the path to get there. If your pupils excited the idea of another product, go along with it. When you plan, prepare your students consider a variety of products to solve the problem. Plan for flexibility.

Some lessons can fail, don’t worry about it. Have your students when you think a particular drawn to the solution of the problem, but no progress will fail. This or something like that when the students review the situation together and plan the process again.

Problem-based learning, getting started, can be done in small ways of solutions of problems, it is important to be seen. Indeed, consider the everyday problems and these problems may be good to start think about. Your students rather than showing the way to a classroom assignment, give them what they need to do the problem. Your students line up and tell them what is useless if it is noisy, and tell them what and how they can solve the problem. If you are creating a birthday table every year, students create a table of your birthday.

Three questions to help your students problem solving:

  • Your kids already know this problem?
  • To solve the problem, they want to know what
  • Your students which they have to solve the idea?

Your students an open-ended math problems to çözseler, they can think of: what do they know about the problem, what is required and what different ideas to solve? In this way, the same structure as a learning expedition can be applied in a more long-term project. Students explore ideas and to convince to give errors, problem based learning is the key element. Non-net weighing children information, answers to difficult problems to deal with, take into account the different perspectives and data, expert opinions and eventually request a solution such as skills can be earned through problem based learning and could be developed. This is all we do and all the days of our lives the fact that what we’re going to do, so we want our children to do it.

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